Tattoo Fail

fak it ...yeah... i cannot believe that someone cannot spell this correctly. I guess something else wants to express with sem and that is why has . after Sys , but on the other hand we have seen worse.

There are some very good tattoo artists out there that you can trust them . The best thing to do is to see previous work , this is really bad work, bad shading , FAIL tattoo . 

above both  are like devil child's tattoos ... in real life if you look at the pictures the kids are so adorable ... and at the tattoos are scary little f...s, FAIL

your girlfriend must have a lot sense of humor..

....i want to carry always my pencil with me .....

in case no one sees it this is my vagina .. yes .. and you must know it is beautiful ..
you too please can help our confusion by senting  us email at
  • how you feel carrying your (2nd)vagina at your back?
  • what your boyfriend says you have (2nd)vagina at your back?
  • is this imaginary vagina that artist invented or realistic replica you provided
  • .....



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