Hair Fail

And if you thought women were the stars of this category you failed yourself. 

why?..And as if the trimming of the chest hair wasn't enough he wore the 2 necklaces and the cross of course. Haircut and mustache is another story , I just hope he is not holding suntanning oil. did a circle ..ok! Nobody can argue with that ,but can you please sent us an email at 

saying : 
  • reasons for choosing circle ( and not other shape)
  • reactions of friends and family
  • reactions of unknown 
  • reactions of girlfriend
  • .....

take a picture to show it to your friends at work!
maybe you can put it to your profile at Facebook or another site ...

i don't know dude - i don't know
you too can put this pic as profile pic at LinkedIn
It will count at your CV , i am sure

? you have years ahead to understand the mistakes of the past

Super cool NOT. Have you seen Notting Hill the movie? The Guy that mistakenly eats the mayonnaise for yogurt  ... that's you...

is it a trend???



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