Parenting Fail 2

the little girl of may have trouble ubderstanding the exact purpose of the show ...Is daddy educating girl on stripping skills or just too focused on woman's in red intimate parts? oups!! bad parenting FAIL


"this is what my son will do when he will grow up" maybe maybe till then let him enjoy his childhood ..... FAIL parenting

look mama at mirror what nice volcano ass she has !!

mum: ''Left is my son at the back my ass in a string'' Memorable family picture.Ha?  .... FAIL ...

give him a knife and a gun as well
F A I L 

hey dude !!! don't you think you forgot something ....

nice party ..strippers ...babies ..smokes..FAIL

I love parenting FAIL

i would like to see the parents strapped there .... FAIL

never too young to give a trump tattoo at the back of your child...FAIL

new type of playground for babies ... FAIL

learning the doggy style .... FAIL

mommy is taking a picture for boyfriend in Army...... FAIL
                                  Wonder why teacher at kindergarten freaked out when I did what mommy did in class..

no problem...just left in the middle of the road...

wtf dude? you are not holding your shoes!!!! FAIL!!!!



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